Shreeji Group offers end-to-end warehouse leasing solutions to MNC's and small-scale companies for industrial and commercial storage purposes. Our well-equipped warehouses provide excellent spacing, allowing our clients to maintain over sight from their headquarters without having to relocate fully.

Besides warehousing, we also cater to operations and management of warehouses, transportation of goods, labeling, and packaging. We have the best-in-class warehousing facilities with a highly motivated staff to meet varied client needs.

Our warehouse facilities in India are strategically located in Gandhidham, Kandla, Silvassa and Haridwar.

Shreeji Exports (Warehouse Division) - Kandla, Kutch, Gujarat

This warehouse is located near the Kandla Port in Gujarat and provides a hassle-free storage facility to importers, exporters, and other companies looking for a safe and reliable space to store their goods around the Kandla Port. The warehouse also consists of 18 well built offices that can be hired by companies working on the port. We also have a 100MT avery weighbridge installed for the purpose of weighing the vehicles.

Total area109000sq ft
Furnished commercial offices18 numbers
Electronic Weighbridge01 Capacity 100MT
Loading Unloading Docks10 MT/month

Shreeji Exports (Warehouse Division) - Kandla Special Economic Zone, Kutch, Gujarat

Shreeji Exports (Warehousing Division) currently undertakes storage and administration services in KASEZ (Kandla Special Economic Zone). For over 15 years, this division has housed various industrial, commercial, and consumer products.

Equipped with advanced machinery and a proficient team, this facility currently handles 2500 different categories of raw materials and packing materials. Air-conditioned areas in the warehouse are designated for the storage of perfumery products, chemicals, and other cold storage products.

This warehousing division houses the plastic polyethene bag plant, which manufactures various types of polyethene bags, supplied to KASEZ Units. Apart from this, it also manages transportation and logistics services.

Total covered Area200,000 sq ft.
Loading and Unloading Docks25
Plastic Poly Bag Plant Installation Capacity30 MT/per month


Since 2009, Shreeji Warehousing & Logistics Services, Padana has been providing top-notch warehousing and logistics services to MNC's. This facility has equipped for industrial, commercial and consumer product storage.

Currently, the warehouse has a daily movement of 500 MT, which includes raw materials, packing materials, and finished goods.The facility is also equipped with grinding and premix units.

Covered Area150,000 sq. ft.
Loading and Unloading Docks22
Grinding Unit Capacity300 MT/month
Premix Unit Capacity150 MT/month


Shreeji Warehousing & Logistics Services, Silvassa has been catering to storage and logistics services since 2008. This facility is well equipped with modern machinery and it stores industrial, commercial and consumer products.

Beyond storage, an efficient work force caters to labeling, packaging, and transportation of the finished goods. This warehouse in Silvassa also houses a fully operational BOPP(Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) plant.

Covered Area180,000 sq. ft.
Loading and Unloading Docks16
BOPP Plant Capacity50 MT/month