In 2005, we established manufacturing units for laminated tubes and detergents in Uttarakhand and Gujarat. Being a supplier of multinational companies, we focus on providing top-notch services to our clients. Our manufacturing units use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to manufacture premium quality products.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction -

At Shreeji Group, we manufacture products in line with international standards and specifications. We take care of the environment and ensure safety in all our business operations. As a customer-oriented supplier and business partner, we maintain high levels of customer and employee satisfaction.

We manufacture high quality laminated tubes that are used for packaging of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, cleanser and health care products. These laminated tubes ensure maximum protection against moisture permeating inside the packaging and contaminating the contents.

Salient features of laminated tubes manufactured at Shreeji:

  • Excellent barrier properties that increase product shelf life.
  • Flexibility and softness, ensuring no damage during transit.
  • Printing in seven colors.
  • Variety of cap combinations - conical, stand-up, and flip-top.
  • Nozzle sealing available to make it tamper evident.
  • Options of cold and hot foil stamping and varnishing.

Types of laminated tubes manufactured at Shreeji:

1. ABL: Aluminum Barrier Laminate.
2. PBL: Plastic Barrier Laminate.


The multilayer laminated tubes are made from laminates of aluminum foil barrier. This combines the excellent barrier advantages of traditional metal tubes and the attractive visual and tactile feel of the plastic tubes.

ABL comes in white and silver variations with different options in the gauge of the inner aluminum layer (40, 30, 20 and 12 microns) andtotal variable thickness of 175 to 320 micron.


PBL laminated tubes are made of all plastic laminates. The barrier layer is made of a plastic material like Ethyl Vinyl Alcohol and PET.

For both ABL and PBL tubes the diameter ranges from 19mm to 50 mm from a minimum capacity of 20 ml up to a maximum capacity of 200ml, and the length varies from 70 mm up to 200 mm.

United Engineers India, Guwahati

United Engineers India, a BRC Certified unit is the ultra-modern R&D cell that has the latest equipment for testing purposes and for new product development. The tubes manufactured are used in packaging of various products such as cosmetics, FMCG, personal care, skin care, and pharmaceutical products.

Capacity7.0 Lac square meter per day.
Plant & Machinery6 Kombis 8005 imported machines from STS Bulgaria.

The in-house well established Plastic Injection Moulding setup through high quality injection moulds and Moulding machine are the strength of United Engineers India. Caps and shoulders are manufactured from quality-driven raw material and undergo strict quality control at every stage. This enables us to commit best quality products to our customers. This set up also help to reduce lead time for our north east customers

Printing Machine :

The world class Taiyo printing technology ensures superior resistance to print bleeds. It allows printing in seven colors and cold foiling plus a varnish overcoat with a choice of full or spot varnish.

In-house Prepress:We have installed world’s first DLI from Esko in 2017 for prepress operations. Esko DLI includes high resolution optics for 4000dpi imaging. This generates three times more pixel data for every printing dot than the standard 2400ppi/2540ppi imaging resolutions. The printed image is much more precise, sharp, showing much more details, image contrast, finer highlights and smooth gradients in the whole tonal scale. This ensures utmost quality and consistency, from image to image and plate to plate..

Capacity5.5 Lac square meter per month.
Plant & MachineryTaiyo Letter Press Printing Machine 7 color.


Shreeji Propack Pvt. Ltd. is a Grade - A, BRC Certified and 100% URSA compliant unit. We use cutting-edge technology to carry out manufacturing activities of ABL and PBL Tubes, which are used for packing FMCG, personal care, skin care, and pharmaceuticals products. The unit has all the modern technologies for R&D and graphic design.

Capacity12.6 Lac Tubes per day.
Plant & Machinery13+2 Kombis TMM 5504+8003 Imported machines from STS Bulgaria.


United Engineers India is a Grade- A Certified, BRC Certified and 100% URSA Compliant. The ultra-modern R&D cell has the latest equipment for testing and new product development. The tubes manufactured are used in packaging of various products such as cosmetics, FMCG, personal care, skin care, and pharmaceuticals products.

Capacity8.06 Lac Tubes per day.
Plant & Machinery7 Kombis 8003 imported machines from STS Bulgaria.

As a leading manufacturer of detergent bars, washing powder, and speckles, our company has been consistent in providing the best quality products. We make use of the latest technology and high-grade raw materials to manufacture detergent products that are valued in quality cautious markets. Also, all our products comply with national as well as international standards.


We are a renowned manufacturer of detergent bar. Our company is also engaged in manufacturing of speckles that are processed with high-quality chemical compounds, using advanced technology. Clients rely on us for quality of detergent products that are available in various packaging options.

Capacity75000 MT per annum detergent bars and 30000 MT per annum speckle.
CertificationsBRC A-rating and URSA complaint.


We take pride in being one of the leading manufacturers of washing powder that has earned us a strong reputation. Chemicals used in manufacturing of detergent powder are sourced only from the most reliable vendors and are made under the strict supervision of experts. Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with latest machines that help us to produce quality products.

Capacity100,000 MT per annum.
CertificationsBRC A-rating and URSA complaint.

Shreeji Air Products, Rajkot

Shreeji Air Products Pvt. Ltd. deals with the filling of core industrial gases in gas cylinders. With the help of modern technology and state-of-the-art industrial facilities, we aim to provide high quality industrial gases for purposes spanning various industries, becoming the leading supplier of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide.

Our facilities are equipped with vacuum systems, gas analyzers, and quality control systems in order to ensure the adherence to superior quality throughout the production process. We supply gas cylinders to steel industries, Pharmacy industries, chemical industries, hardware industries, auto parts industries, power plants, forging industries, and steam power, solar industries, etc.